General Banquet Information

Menu Arrangements
Menu selections are requested a minimum of four weeks in advance. Our printed menu selections are recommended suggestions, however we would be happy to tailor a menu to your specific tastes. With the exception of buffet meals, one menu is required for all guests. If a split menu is required, all entrees will be charged at the higher price of the two entrees. Guests will need to be provided color-coded tickets or place cards indicating entrée choice. When an additional menu is needed for dietary restriction or allergies, the Chef will customize one menu selection to these requests.

A final guarantee of your anticipated number of guests is required by noon three business days prior to your banquet function and this guarantee may not be reduced. A minimum of 50 guests (or financial equivalent) is required when choosing a buffet, unless otherwise noted. The vessels will prepare food based on the guarantee and seating for 5% over guarantee, not to exceed 20 guests. Charges will be based on the number guaranteed or the number served, whichever is greater.

Sternwheeler prices will not be guaranteed earlier than 4 months prior to the scheduled event. A service charge will be added to all prices quoted and is subject to an applicable sales tax, based on California State Regulations. Cruising fees are applied to menu prices when it is not included in a menu package.

Sternwheeler Minimums
The minimum number of people or revenue needed to book the Sternwheelers varies depending on the size of the vessel, the time and the day of the week. Your sales contact can supply this information and recommend the appropriate boat and menu for your event.

Additional Food and Beverage
No food of any kind may be brought onto the vessel with the exception of cakes, for which a service fee will be charged. No beverages of any kind may be brought on board with the exception of champagne and wine for dinner service. Corkage fees will apply.

All evening functions begin at 6:30 PM unless otherwise agreed to on the contract. All entertainment sound systems must be self contained and the music must end prior to 12:00 midnight.

Homeland Security
All packages are subject to inspection. Vendors are required to advise their arrival time and log in at the dock security gate.